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Jordan’s Kilimanjaro 2020 Food Campaign

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $1,345
  • $5,000
    One-time Goal
  • $3,655
    One-time Still Needed
  • -442
    Days to Go

Hey Ya'll! 

Life just got a little more exciting! After a lot of thought and prayer, and with the support of Ross and my family, I've decided to take the plunge and head off on a spectacular adventure!

I am teaming up with Africa New Life to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world! This February, I will join an amazing team of 11 women to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trek up to 19,341ft. 

Born and raised in Colorado, a love for the outdoors has been installed in me from an early age. It's only been in recent years, however, that I've taken advantage of all things hiking and climbing. I've summited 6 fourteeners and other smaller mountains but am ready for a new and greater challenge. Mt. Kilimanjaro is calling my name and I MUST GO!

Not only is the idea of the challenge so tantalizing but I am thrilled to be doing it for a meaningful cause. 

Africa New Life's Food Program helps to provide school lunches to children in Rwanda who otherwise would get little or no food to eat. These children work hard and are dedicated to doing well in school so they can improve their families' situations and give back to their country when they grow up. But it’s hard to learn or grow without food!

An average meal in Rwanda costs $0.83, which means $25 provides food for a child for a month (30 meals). Feeding children and families is an extension of the gospel and provides students the stability and consistent nutrition necessary to complete their education.

I will be paying for all expenses incurred on this trip to Tanzania so 100% of my fundraising will go directly to Africa New Life's Food Program. With a team goal of $170,000 we will be able to provide more than 200,000 meals for kids in Rwanda. 

I am beyond grateful for everyone's love and support and for joining me on this life-changing adventure for the children of Rwanda! 

Thank you for helping me make a difference!


and the Kilimanjaro 2020 Team 

Meet the team: Tanna (team leader), Charlotte, ME, Brooke, Ashleigh, Leslie, Anne, Michelle, Alisha, Renate and Judy.

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