Thank you for choosing to promote Africa New Life and student sponsorship through your own networks! We are thrilled that you are taking your engagement with us one step further, and we want to connect you with resources to help you succeed in your efforts. There are a variety of photos, posting templates, brochures, videos, and guidelines here that can come alongside your outreach. Before you begin, please read our Intellectual Property Statement.


As you share about Africa New Life and about Rwanda, we invite you to consider our branding and ethical language guidelines. These resources are designed to help you talk about our work in Rwanda, and the people of Rwanda, in the most compassionate and dignifying way.

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As you share about Africa New Life with others, they may have questions about our different ministry areas. Below are our informational brochures that you can use to help educate and demonstrate how Africa New Life serves in Rwanda.

Food and Care

New Life Family Center

Student Sponsorship

Africa New Life Overview

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Africa New Life is blessed with talented photographers that help us tell the stories of participants in our programs. We want to share some of these powerful photos with you, so that you can use them in your outreach.

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When sharing about Africa New Life with others, here is a short introduction to our mission, model, and story:

Africa New Life Ministries exists to transform lives and communities through acts of compassion and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Founded twenty years ago in 2001 by Dr. Charles Mugisha and Florence Mugisha, Africa New Life remains a Rwandan-led organization working in Rwanda to bring hope through access to education, leadership training, and healthcare; through church planting and Christian discipleship; and through holistic care for children, women, and men in need. At the heart of our model for breaking cycles of poverty is educational sponsorship. With a high school education, or a vocational equivalent, children in Rwanda have hope for the future.

sharing about our ministry areas

Africa New Life has many different ministry focuses, and as you share about us with others, you might find yourself talking about programs you’re unfamiliar with. Below you’ll find some basic descriptions of our programs that you are free to use in your outreach efforts.


Africa New Life believes that access to education is the key to breaking out of poverty. For that reason, educational sponsorship is the heart of the ministry. Today, 11,000 students are sponsored across Rwanda. Their sponsorship means they can attend school consistently and are equipped with the materials and support needed to succeed. By sponsoring a student, you help to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda.

Women’s development programs

The Kigali vocational programs offer one year of vocational sewing or cosmetology skills, alongside childcare for students’ pre-school children, all infused with Christian discipleship. Each year these programs move 90 women and 40 of their young children toward a better life.


True hope and transformation comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ, and one half of Africa New Life’s mission statement is to proclaim the gospel in Rwanda. Africa New Life establishes New Life Bible Churches in each community we serve. In accordance with the ministry’s mission, churches are the foundation of community health, reconciliation and healing. These churches minister to and disciple each sponsored child, their families, and the greater community.


The Dream Medical Center (DMC) is a self-sustaining, high-quality medical and dental facility, primarily staffed by Rwandans, providing Christ centered healthcare. They are focused on serving the children and women of Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. Faith and science will meet here, providing physical healing and the peace of Jesus Christ, to all. Through the availability of a world class facility and qualified staff, the DMC has risen to the level of international standards providing high quality care for everyone, regardless of economic circumstance.


Food is vital to Africa New Life’s mission of reducing poverty in Rwanda through education: students can’t learn if they are hungry. To help students excel, Africa New Life provides more than 1.5 million meals each year through its Food and Care program. These meals help transform the lives of students in Africa New Life schools and in our sponsorship program, families in need of emergency relief, and future pastors at the Africa College of Theology.


Africa College of Theology (ACT) is an internationally-accredited college offering biblical education using a flexible, blended learning format. ACT is the only evangelical institutions in the nation offering an accredited bachelor’s degrees in Theology and Christian Leadership. Every student pays for a small portion of his or her own education, but scholarships through Africa New Life cover the majority of tuition and other program costs. This makes ACT’s programs some of the only accessible options for pastors studying to meet the education required to lead and plant churches.


Each year, Africa New Life registers 50 qualifying students ages 5 to 8 into the Dream Kids Tutoring Program. Participating students benefit from a year of after-school academic support, as well as encouragement to develop a love for learning and desire to finish school well. Bolstered with educational, spiritual, and physical support, these students are better able to thrive in their continued education when they complete their year of tutoring.


Africa New Life’s Kids for Kids initiative aims to feed students and provide Bibles in Rwanda through the efforts of different children’s ministries during VBS, camps, or other programs. Research shows that more than 36% of children in Rwanda experience malnutrition, while many more do not have access to consistent nutrition. More than half do not own a Bible. Both are essential! Your kids can give the gift of food by raising money for school lunches, or the gift of access to and study of the Word of God by providing a Bible in students’ own language.


If you are giving a short presentation about Africa New Life, or are redirecting someone to learn more information, we have several videos for you to share.