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Judy's Kilimanjaro 2020 Food Campaign

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $500
  • $20,000
    One-time Goal
  • $19,500
    One-time Still Needed
  • -472
    Days to Go

I couldn't be more excited to be climbing to the top of Africa for the country of Rwanda, and more specifically to provide food for its children! Rwanda and its beautiful, resilient people brought me back to life. Their ability to experience the darkest dark and be so filled with the purest light resurrected my spirit and gave me something to care about. Their love, compassion, hospitality and their model of forgiveness set my heart and life in a direction I couldn't have known. Prior to my first visit there in 2017, I had been sole caregiver to my husband for more than a decade as he lived and suffered with the cruelest disease, Lou Gehrigs Disease. After his death in 2016, it felt like my heart stopped beating too. I was left traumatized, deeply grieved and completely emptied out...exhausted. I needed time to heal and rest. Eventually I began to pray for God to make my heart burn for something. Anything! To give it reason to beat live again. To give me a purpose and a passion for something of meaning. I had the opportunity to go to Rwanda in 2017 with a team of women from IF:Gathering and although I did not really know why I was going..and even considered dropping out several times...I went. I remember the moment that I set foot on the tarmac in Kigali because I immediately felt something begin to stir in my chest. My heart began to come alive. I knew something was happening. I knew a change was starting. Throughout my visit God worked healing miracles every day and by the time I left Rwanda that first trip my heart was aflame with new life. I was leaving a different person than I arrived and I havn't looked back. Today, I am honored to sponsor my sweet dream boy, Jean Baptiste, through school and so far, two women through vocational training. And now, I get to climb a mountain so that children, whose reality is often not knowing where their next meal is coming from, can eat. I invite you to partner with me in impacting precious lives in Rwanda by supporting my climb. I am personally raising money to provide over 20 thousand meals and my entire team has a goal to provide over 200 thousand meals!!! I cannot do it without help. Your help! Please, I covet your prayers as I train and prepare for the climb but I also need financial partners. Donations are tax deductible and oh so easy!  Just click the link!

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