Ann and Claudette

Ann with her sponsored child Claudette.

Dear friends,

Can I just thank you? For choosing to be the gift and emancipate a girl’s entire life through education — there are no words. Just the deepest gratitude. Your sponsorship of a girl from Kageyo will change not only everything for her, but break generational patterns, change her world, her community, and a bit more of the world. You choosing to sponsor one girl will allow her to go to school and stay in school, to be equipped with the books and uniform she needs to succeed, to be taught and nurtured by the best and most compassionate teachers and community workers, to have access to nutritious school lunches and the discipleship of skilled spiritual Jesus-loving leaders. Educational sponsorship will free her from the worst cruelties of the cycle of poverty and allow her to grow in health, pursue her dreams, and change the future of her community, her family, and the next generation.

You can be a part of all this for one girl by sponsoring her for only $39 a month. And it will profoundly change and fulfill your life as it changes and fulfills hers—make no mistake. As you live broken and given like bread, not only will you find a tender friendship and communion with one young girl, you will be part of her breaking free.

I am undone that you and I get to do this together. Let’s start being part a different story that changes the world: just click the button below to begin sponsoring a courageous Kageyo girl and free her to flourish and free yourself to get to be her gift!

All’s grace,
Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp in Rwanda with Africa New Life Ministries

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