THE Dream Beauty Academy

A polished look is important in Rwandan culture, and women with discretionary income often spend considerable time at the salon. As a result, salons in Rwanda are plentiful and pay hairstylists well. The Dream Beauty Academy was founded with the intention of empowering women unable to access traditional education with the skills necessary to build a career in the beauty industry.


The Dream Beauty Academy is a non-profit cosmetology school in Kigali, Rwanda. It opened in 2012 in partnership with the Academy of Hair Design in Springfield, MO and is a sister school to the Vocational Sewing Program. Both operate at Africa New Life’s Ministry Center in Kigali, Rwanda.

Sixteen women are enrolled annually in hair braiding, cutting, styling, and coloring courses, as well as manicures and pedicures. All women attend weekly devotionals and intensive entrepreneurship training from an accredited trainer.

After graduation, all students receive a kit of supplies and have access to an intensive in-house internship facilitated by an external expert from the top salons in Kigali.


Classes are offered to women for a nominal charge, and Africa New Life relies on the generosity of scholarship partners to host the program. You can come alongside a woman breaking her family out of the poverty cycle by providing a partial scholarship of $25/month, a half scholarship of $143/month, or a full scholarship of $286/month. A scholarship helps provide education, spiritual development, equipment, and meals for a woman in the current class. Partners receive photos and updates from the woman they support. Interested in learning more about the current class, or gifting a scholarship? Click the button below.

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