It is estimated that in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, 7,000 children live on the streets. These children — mostly boys who are orphaned or escaping challenging home situations, experiencing poverty, and may be too old to return to school — go to the streets looking for food, for water, for a better life.

DREAM Kids Program

Street Children Ministry - Africa New Life MinistriesAfrica New Life maintains the following programs for young vulnerable children in our rehabilitation program:

  • A well-equipped educational center: This center features tutoring at every grade level in reading, writing English, math, and social studies.
  • Biblical training: Along with tutoring in their school subjects, we conduct regular training in Christ’s word for these children.
  • Detailed oversight and clear expectations: Our leadership team spends several hours each week meeting with the families/guardians of these children. We have established a strong relationship with the schools they attend, meeting with headmasters and teachers to evaluate each student’s progress.