True hope and transformation comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ, and one half of Africa New Life’s mission statement is to proclaim the gospel in Rwanda. We believe churches are the foundation of community health, reconciliation and healing. Africa New Life establishes New Life Bible Churches in each community we serve. These churches minister to and disciple each sponsored child, their families and the greater community.


Established in 2004, New Life Bible Church in Kigali now serves more than 1000 people at three services each Sunday.


Established in 2006, New Life Bible Church in Kayonza meets at New Life Christian Academy each Sunday and has more than 400 attendees.


The New Life Bible Church in Kageyo began meeting in 2010 at the school. A second church is now thriving on our Kageyo B campus.

Church in BugeseraBUGESERA

New Life Bible Church in Bugesera held its first worship service in September 2012, outdoors under a tent. In the Fall of 2015, construction on the church building was completed, and now the community has a place to gather in Christ’s name.


Led by Pastor Francis Rwakageyo, New Life Bible Church in Gatenga grew from 5 to 200 members in just its first year. The mission of the church in Gatenga is to disciple and evangelize to the most vulnerable people of their community. They believe investing in the younger, less privileged children will lead to the transformation of this generation.


Launched on Easter Sunday 2017, New Life Bible Church in Rubavu (Gisenyi) grew to more than 200 consistent members within only a few months. While the church began in a tent, construction on a new church building was completed in summer of 2017. The church continues to grow and baptize many new members.


Construction was completed in early 2021 on New Life Bible Church in Karangazi, and the congregation started meeting on Easter Sunday. Though the launching of the church was slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic, its doors are now open and the congregation continues to grow in size and impact within the community.


congregants with arms raised in worship and prayer

Worship at New Life Bible Church in Karangazi.

Nyamagabe and nyamirama

Both churches in these new communities were able to launch services on Easter Sunday of 2022. In just the inaugural service, hundreds of new congregants gave their lives to Christ.