Lemons for Meals started in 2018 with 5 lemonade stands and raised over $6,700 (8,085 meals!) for Africa New Life’s Food and Care Program. In 2019, we had 15 stands that raised over $13,000! This program is helping to change the lives of children in Rwanda by providing school lunches to children who otherwise would get little or no food to eat. These children work hard and are dedicated to doing well in school so they can improve their families’ situations and give back to their country when they grow up.

An average meal in Rwanda costs $0.83, which means $25 provides food for a child for a month (30 meals). When you host your own lemonade stand, you make a difference and help serve meals in Rwanda one cup at a time!

your next steps

  • Choose your location, day, and time.
  • Set up your online fundraiser by emailing amanda.regas@africanewlife.org at least 2 weeks prior to your event. We know not all of your friends and family can make it in person, so this is a great way for them to still be able to participate and to promote your event. Plus, all online donations are tax deductible.
  • Have fun building your own unique lemonade stand. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy. This is a great way to get your kids involved in something fun! Use some old furniture, crates, or just a folding table. Dress it up and have a blast!
  • Make your lemonade sign large and bold!
  • Put up fliers, post on social media, and contact local businesses to get the word out.
  • See if any of your friends, siblings or cousins want to join you!
  • We suggest that instead of putting a price on each cup of lemonade, simply ask for a donation of any amount. This opens the door to allow people to give whatever amount they can. They can even make checks payable to Africa New Life.
  • Remember to share about Africa New Life’s Food and Care Program with each person. Check out our food brochure sent to you and go over a few of those with your kids.
  • Parents, make sure you are posting a lot on your social platforms for your kids! Post a photo or video of them with their stand, then add some content about what the lemonade stand is for. Last, add your donation link. (Content ideas: It’s a good day for ice-cold lemonade! or Who’s getting some delicious lemonade tomorrow?)
  • You can go LIVE on your Facebook page and Instagram on the day of your event. Let everyone know how it’s going and post the donation web link in the comments.
  • Remind everyone it’s okay if they can’t make it in person, but they can still be involved. Ask them to make a virtual donation.
  • After your event, send in your donations. If you have a lot of cash from the event, please donate that amount electronically to your online fundraising event instead of mailing it to our office.
  • Thank your supporters and be proud! You just made a difference and helped Africa New Life serve Rwandan students and families!
  • Social Media: Use all social media outlets to get the word out about your event! Feel free to use one of the example posts on this page, or get creative and write your own.
  • Be creative! There isn’t a wrong or right way to do this. Make your lemonade sign large and bold!
  • Use your Lemons for Meals fundraising platform: This is a great way for others to virtually feel they are participating towards your event. Send your link to family, friends, classmates, your church and business.
  • Donations by Check: Tell your donors they can give by check. Please make the check payable to Africa New Life and include a note with your information and what the event name was.

Did you know an average meal in Rwanda costs $0.83, which means $25 provides food for a student for a month (30 meals)? We are raising money to help Africa New Life’s Food and Care Program through our Lemons for Meals lemonade stand. To make a donation click here: [add your link].

I’m holding a lemonade stand to help raise support for Africa New Life’s Food and Care Program. Stop by my stand on [date and time], or if you aren’t able to come in person, you can give virtually by clicking here: [add your link]

Join me and [enter friends’ names] to help raise funds and awareness for students and their families in Rwanda! Africa New Life’s Food and Care Program helps provide school lunches to students in Rwanda who otherwise would get little or no food to eat. We are holding a lemonade stand on [enter date and time] and would love for you to stop by! See you there!

I’ve been sponsoring [student’s name] with Africa New Life for [number of months or years] now. They have become a huge part of my family’s life here, as we are to them. In honor of [student’s name], I am holding a lemonade stand called Lemons for Meals on [date and time] and would absolutely love to see you there! All donations made will go to help Africa New Life’s Food and Care Program to help children like [student’s name] in Rwanda. Not able to make it? No problem! I realize many of you don’t live nearby, so you can now participate virtually! Just head over to this link to check out more about my lemonade stand and make a donation: [add link].

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