• Team Dynamics

  • Expenses and Fundraising

  • Conduct

  • Additional Details

    This trip is officially with Tusker Trail, not Africa New Life, but you are fundraising for the Africa New Life Food and Care fund. You will sign all forms with Tusker Trail in regards to life or death incidents. Any liability will be through them.
  • COVID-19

    Tanzania does not require that you receive the COVID-19 vaccine to enter the country. If you want to travel to Rwanda, you will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The government of Rwanda requires proof of vaccination in order to participate in gatherings or enter public locations such as churches and restaurants. For this reason, Africa New Life will only be able to host vaccinated travelers in Rwanda. When registering for the optional Rwanda add-on, you will need to provide proof of vaccination.
  • Additional Requirements

    You must be part of the Facebook private group. This is the way we share information pertaining to your climb, tips on fundraising, stories to use for fundraising, and to help build team morale! You must sign the Africa New Life statement of faith. You must be willing to join 3-4 video calls with the team throughout the fundraising process.
  • Next Steps

    After submitting your application form you will be notified to set up a virtual call with a few Africa New Life staff members.