THIS YEAR, africa new life hopes to fully open our community in gashora to serve children and families.

The Child Development Center will serve as a hub for many needs of students in the Gashora community. Each year, hundreds of families come to the Child Development Center to register their students for sponsorship, write letters to their sponsors, work with Child Welfare Officers to address hardship within their families, and receive gifts provided by sponsors. Additionally, a community nurse serves as a vital link in the community for students to receive medical care. When medical cases go beyond a nurses’ ability to treat, they work with the family to navigate the Rwandan medical system, a crucial service for vulnerable families who are often illiterate.

Through May 31, our friends at DoTERRA have offered to match all gifts up to $15,000 for the Gashora Child Development Center!

You can join us!

Help us build the Child Development Center in Gashora and double your gift today.