PROFILE: Karangazi

In the far northeast corner of Rwanda, amid a landscape of gently rolling hills and grasslands, is the community of Karangazi. This rural area, part of the Nyagatare district (county), is home to some 57,000 people. Among them are families who have moved there from other parts of the country in search of work, food, and water. Others are former refugees who lived in Tanzania or Uganda for several decades due to the ethnic violence in Rwanda. For most of these families, the move home came suddenly and plunged them further into poverty. Many remember Africa New Life as one of the organizations who supported them and helped meet basic needs during that challenging season. Today, Karangazi is the setting for continuing challenges of poverty but also for growing hope.


In late fall 2018, after a long season of conversation between parents, community leaders, and ministry staff, Africa New Life launched its work in Karangazi. Within the following year, approximately 500 students were sponsored, land was purchased for a church and sponsorship office, and a New Life pastor was hired to bring discipleship and encouragement to the community. Construction on a church building, sponsorship office, and community nurse’s station is expected to begin in 2020.

Sponsor a Student in Karangazi