Africa New Life Ministries Rwanda was founded by Rwandans and is run by Rwandans. More than 300 Rwandan and East African staff serve to educate children, pastor families spiritually, care for the medical needs of our communities, and promote growth of the ministry in Rwanda.

Africa New Life Ministries International exists in the U.S. to support the work in Rwanda in the areas of sponsorship, development, team trips, financial accountability, and church/strategic partnerships.

Learn about our international leadership team and U.S. staff members below!


The Leadership Team is composed of the high-level leadership of both the U.S. and Rwandan sides of Africa New Life. Its members work closely together in person and across thousands of miles to drive the ministry forward.

Dr. Charles Mugisha
President and Co-Founder
Kigali, Rwanda

Alan Hotchkiss
U.S. Executive Director
Portland, Oregon

Rev. Fred Isaac Katagwa
Rwanda Executive Director
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Eugene Mugisha

Eugene Mugisha
Rwanda Director of Programs and Development
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Donna Henry

Donna Henry
U.S. Director of Programs
Phoenix, Arizona


Regina Mukasano
Rwanda Director of Operations
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Dan Leischner

Dan Leischner, CPA
U.S. Director of Operations
Portland, Oregon

Peace Mukaigara
Rwanda Director of Finance
Kigali, Rwanda

Natalie Green
U.S. Director of Strategic Partnerships
Austin, Texas

Africa New Life Ministries - Matt Stein

Matt Stein
U.S. Director of Development and Marketing
Portland, Oregon

Africa New Life Ministries - Florence M. Mugisha

Florence M. Mugisha
Director of Women’s Ministry and Co-Founder
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Johnson Karamuzi

Johnson Karamuzi
Director of Africa College of Theology
Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Peace Mukabalisa
Chief of Operations & Medical Director, Dream Medical Center Hospital
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Damalie Kayigwa Nsonga

Damalie Kayigwa Nsonga
Internal Auditor
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Crissy McDowell

Crissy McDowell
U.S. Chief of Staff
Houston, Texas

Specioza Dusabe Mukazaire
Program Manager
Kigali, Rwanda

Augustine Ndemezo
Program Manager
Kigali, Rwanda

Africa New Life Ministries - Trina Lee

Trina K. Lee
U.S. Sponsorship Program Manager
Portland, Oregon

Lillian Abatoni
Missions and Donors Relations Administrator
Kigali, Rwanda

Vincent Jones-Dixon
U.S. Team Trip Program Manager
Portland, Oregon

Africa New Life Ministries - Yvone Umulisa

Yvonne Umulisa
Esther Scholar Program Manager
Kigali, Rwanda

John Africa
Partnership & Leadership Development Manager
Kigali, Rwanda

Emily Carminati
U.S. Communications Manager
Portland, Oregon


The U.S. staff works out of our Portland, Oregon, headquarters and from locations in Texas and Indiana. They would love to hear from you! Submit your questions or information requests via the contact form below and the appropriate staff member will be in touch with you.

Africa New Life Ministries - Darlene Bory

Darlene Bory

Tara Bossie
Team Trips Coordinator

Africa New Life Ministries - Betty Krenek

Betty Davis
Marketing Creative Manager

Jordan Fehlen
Church Partnerships Representative

Africa New Life Ministries - Leslie Forster

Leslie Forster
Systems Project Manager

Africa New Life Ministries - Joanne Fuller

Joanne Fuller
Donor Administrator

Morgan Jones
Development Project Manager

Dawn Kaiser
Partnerships Representative

Sonni Mackzum
Sponsorship Coordinator

Julie Rathjen
Sponsorship Administrator

Jeremiah Smith
Church Partnerships Manager

Kelly Wesley
Sponsorship Project Manager

Megan Westby
Programs Coordinator

Africa New Life Ministries - Cheri Wilson

Cheri Wilson
Operations Specialist

Carol Young
Seasonal Customer Service Associate

Any questions about the ministry or requests for information should go to the appropriate U.S. leadership or staff member through the contact form below or via our direct phone line: 866.979.0393.