39.1% of Rwandans live below the poverty line, subsisting on less than $1.25 per day. Women make up the majority of this population, stuck in a poverty cycle brought on by a lack of education and challenging life situations. Many are HIV-positive, single parenting, widowed, or living in abusive situations (or emerging from them), and all are striving to better themselves and their families’ lives without access to the tools and skills that would help them do so.

The solution

The New Life Family Center offers a one-year vocational training program that provides employable skills in sewing or cosmetology, and childcare for children, all infused with Christian discipleship. Each year this program moves 80-95 women and their young children toward a better life.

Feeding the Mind
The vocational training programs offer these vulnerable women the opportunity to learn sewing or cosmetology, marketable skills offering a future of employment and the chance to escape poverty.

Feeding the Spirit
While a marketable skill is the first priority of the vocational programs, women rising out of challenging life situations need more than just that. They and their children need hope. Discipleship, prayer, and weekly devotions are an ongoing part of the programs and this emphasis on faith and Christian principles results in many women giving their lives to Christ each year and experiencing a hope for the future that may once have been unimaginable.

Feeding Hope
Graduates of Africa New Life’s vocational training program include a woman who has started her own co-op with other graduates, several women who have started their own independent businesses in Kigali, and many others who are employed throughout the city.

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