New Life Christian AcademyIn 2002, 30 poor children circled around a plot of dirt. Closing their eyes, they prayed sincerely that God would help this land to become a school for them. In 2003, New Life Christian Academy opened its doors.

New Life Christian Academy isn’t an ordinary school. It is a school based on the idea that poor children can perform just as well as those from wealthy families if given the opportunity. More than 600 children from impoverished families attend the school. In 2011, New Life Christian Academy’s secondary school tested as the top secondary school in Rwanda among 1,061 schools. New Life Christian Academy is giving the poorest children in Rwanda the opportunity to have the country’s best education. John Africa - New Life Christian Academy - Africa New Life MinistriesBecause of the school’s success, Headmaster John Africa and two of his faculty members were asked to manage the development of national curriculum in Social Studies and English.

Africa New Life is currently raising funds to construct New Life Christian High School, which will provide students the opportunity to continue their education with the best teachers, resources and curriculum available in Rwanda.