Fewer than five percent of Rwandan pastors have received formal theological training. This lack of training leaves most pastors in Rwanda poorly equipped to lead and disciple their existing congregations. Africa College of Theology (ACT) provides non-traditional biblical education using a flexible, blended learning format in terms scheduled in six-week segments. This format and schedule allows students to continue ministering at their churches while they complete their training.

The Impact

Below is a video of Pastor Sam, who prayed for the opportunity to attend the Africa College of Theology. Pastor Sam shares his experience of becoming a servant leader and learning the value of good character through his training. Africa College of Theology is transforming leaders like Pastor Sam and blessing the nation of Rwanda.


Video by Justin Nunes of Parkway Community Church in Fairfield, California.


The Africa College of Theology student body is composed of men and women from Rwanda and surrounding nations: Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Burundi, and Nigeria. Many of these students are currently serving as pastors and ministers in their churches while acquiring theological training. Religious leaders from some of the largest churches and networks in Rwanda have chosen to receive training at ACT. A number of additional students attend ACT’s English and TOEFL training classes and CPA certification program.


Africa College of Theology - Africa New Life MinistriesProfessors at the Africa College of Theology come from both East Africa and the United States. Currently, Johnson Karamuzi serves as the Director of ACT, and Dr. Charles Mugisha, founder and president of Africa New Life, serves as Chancellor and teaches classes. The school possesses a 20,000-volume theological library, one of the largest such libraries in East Africa, which provides unprecedented resources for pastors and the public.


Every Africa College of Theology student pays for a small portion of his or her own education, but scholarships are needed for each student to help fill the gap in the program costs. All scholarships are administered through Africa New Life to help cover program costs for the college (faculty, building expenses, classroom materials, room and board, etc.).

ACT offers the following academic programs:

  • Certificate in Christian Ministry: theological instruction for non-English-speaking pastors
  • Special Certificate in Bible & Theology
  • Diploma in Bible & Theology: 2-year college preparatory training in Bible, theology, and English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology & Christian Leadership: internationally-accredited bachelor’s program with American equivalency
  • TOEFL and English training
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) training
  • College discipleship program
  • Post-secondary discipleship and leadership training
  • Leadership/training partnerships with ministries and organizations including the John Maxwell Training Center, Mending the Soul,  EQUIP Leadership, and Eastern University’s Global Leadership and Development program

In 2016, there were 125 students enrolled in ACT’s traditional certificate and degree programs. A total of 350 pastors and ministry leaders are currently enrolled in these programs, while another 226 high school graduates are receiving discipleship and leadership training through the school. Through ACT’s additional class offerings and partnerships, hundreds of other individuals are reached each year.


$3,100, or about $260 per month, sends one ACT student to school for a year.

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