Your gift this month will help ensure that all our current programs can grow and thrive, so we can quickly respond to crises that may arise in Rwanda and continue to multiply hope. Not only will your gift accomplish all this, but it will also help us build a vibrant church for the whole community of Huye!

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Patrick Tugirimana, once an Africa New Life sponsored student, is now a successful woodworker and business owner. He was sponsored throughout high school and went on to earn his college degree in India, where he also had the opportunity to learn professional woodworking skills. After returning to Rwanda, he opened Tugirimana Woodworks. His shop has crafted these beautiful Africa New Life ornaments for YOU, our generous friends and partners, when you give $100 or more to the Impact Fund this December!

Beata’s story

How a mother found hope for her children, maximized her resources, and saved enough to buy a family goat:

Beata has lived in the community of Huye her whole life. She makes a living for her eight children through farming, but between rent for the land and other expenses, meeting basic needs for the family is a challenge.


This year, Beata’s youngest son, Baptiste, was sponsored through Africa New Life—an important milestone for the family:


“This was the very first time my child was getting an education from nursery school with all the necessary scholastic materials.”


As the weight of covering school fees lifted, Beata began to save money. When gifts of food came from Baptiste’s sponsor, she would tuck that week’s grocery money into savings. Little by little, the family’s pool of resources grew, and Beata was able to purchase a goat! Beata is hopeful for a bright future, not just for Baptiste or her own family, but also for the whole community of Huye:


“Africa New Life has changed this community… Parents became happy when Africa New Life came and took their children to school.”


With sponsorship and support from Africa New Life that are shared, families like Beata’s are able to improve their circumstances through paying off debt, purchasing a goat to earn extra income, or bolstering their businesses. This is the transformation we strive to see happen through our ministry areas in every community!


Part of your gift to the Impact Fund this month will go toward continuing our growth in Huye, by planting a New Life Bible Church that will minister to this special community. You can be a part of this future impact for families like Beata’s with a gift today.



This is Huye

Huye is a key place in Rwanda; it has the nation’s largest university and trains the next generation of doctors, lawyers, professors, and government leaders in Rwanda. With your help, we will plant a church and cultivate transformation for these Rwandan changemakers and for nearby families who have been praying for a way to leave the cycle of poverty, see their children finish school, and thrive in a vibrant church that offers life and joy. Huye is at the top of our list, but we hope to move into eight more communities in the next five years, and we hope you will join us!