noun: am·​bas·​sa·​dor | \am-ˈba-sə-dər: one who is an authorized messenger and representative.

We are looking for individuals who believe in Africa New Life’s mission, who are passionate about helping to further our efforts to help students pursue their education, and who are willing to commit their time and talents to helping us achieve our goals. Dream Ambassadors come from all walks of life to be volunteer representatives of Africa New Life in their states and communities, spreading the message and mission of Africa New Life. 

What Is A Dream Ambassador?

Africa New Life Dream Ambassadors are sponsors who are committed to helping more students get sponsored so they can pursue their dreams and break themselves and their families out of the cycle of poverty. Driven to broaden their sponsorship impact, Dream Ambassadors invite friends, families, and their communities to learn more about the needs of the students in Rwanda. By empowering others to become sponsors, Dream Ambassadors help to ensure that students can continue their education without interruption caused by poverty. Each member of this group shares differently based on their unique gifting and the variety of tools available.


Dream Ambassadors must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in the United States or Canada
  • Be a current Africa New Life student sponsor
  • Be able to commit to being a Dream Ambassador for at least six months
  • Donate $25 to our Impact Fund as a sign of your commitment to the program
  • Be willing and able to post on social media and/or host micro-events and one-on-one conversations monthly to seek commitments from individuals to become a student sponsor 


Dream Ambassadors agree to:

  • Attend monthly Dream Ambassador trainings
  • Set a goal of finding at least five students sponsored in their first 90 days
  • If you have a social media account, share one Africa New Life post about student sponsorship or post your own story about student sponsorship on social media each week
  • Once a month, choose one of the following action items:
    1. Host a micro-event to share about student sponsorship
    2. Schedule a conversation with at least three individuals to engage in discussion about student sponsorship

Perks for Participating

As a Dream Ambassador, you will receive exclusive invitations to gather and connect with a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who are putting their hands and feet to work in the service of others. You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Join our private Facebook group 
  • Be equipped with tools, training, and ideas to help you find new sponsors among your family and friends
  • Earn fun incentives as you get students sponsored
  • Attend meaningful online and in-person events like our annual Dream Ambassador Retreat 
  • Participate in our annual Dream Ambassador trip to Rwanda to see Africa New Life’s work in person

Ready to become an Africa New Life Dream Ambassador?

Click the button below to apply!

Applications to be considered for one of our limited spots as a Dream Ambassador are now open. The deadline to apply and be considered for the program is August  24, 2021. To show your commitment to be considered as a potential Dream Ambassador, we are asking you to make a $25 donation to our Impact Fund after you complete the application. All donations are non-refundable and do not get returned if you are not selected at this time to be in the program. We will contact you in early September 2021 regarding your acceptance status into the program.

Dream Ambassador Testimony

“I sponsor and advocate for kids through Africa New Life because it is evident that God has His hand over this ministry. Lives ARE truly being transformed, and being a Dream Ambassador is a small way for me to partner with those that are on the ground in Rwanda being used by God to change the communities they are in. It has been a blessing to get to partner with Africa New Life for the past 3 years as a sponsor and now as a Dream Ambassador. I am constantly blown away by God’s hand being over them and watching them continue to grow! Lives are being transformed by sponsorship and I have seen it firsthand. Advocating has allowed me to create opportunities for others to come alongside what God is doing through Africa New Life.”  – Kevin S.

Don’t want to become a Dream Ambassador, but still want to use your talents and networks to fundraise for an Africa New Life program? Click here to find our resources for starting your own fundraiser!

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Dream Ambassadors are volunteers who share about Africa New Life child sponsorship with their friends, family, neighbors, church contacts, or other connections in their personal network. 

Our next application window will open in January 2021! Email for more information on how to apply.

You must be 18 years of age or older, living in the United States or Canada, and a current Africa New Life student sponsor. We believe that the best advocates for sponsorship are people who have experienced the program themselves. Therefore, we do require that each of our ambassadors is a sponsor.

Each month, we’ll focus on a few students for whom we want to find sponsors. We encourage our ambassadors to help by sharing these students’ stories on their social media accounts or with their personal networks. With hundreds of students waiting for sponsors or ready to be registered into our sponsorship program at any time, we’re in need of a lot of sponsors! Dream Ambassadors can also help find sponsors for students by hosting events at their church, with a small group of friends, or with family. Hosting events is not required, but highly encouraged!

All kinds of ways! Dream Ambassadors could schedule coffee with friends and family, host dinner parties, display their sponsorship materials on their desk at work, plan events at their church…the sky’s the limit! When you get started as a Dream Ambassador, we’ll share tons of ideas to help you start making connections with prospective sponsors, and your Dream Ambassador Coach will help you come up with a plan unique to you and your network. 

You will have access to a Dream Ambassador Coach, who will connect you with resources and help you put a plan into action to connect with potential new sponsors. We’ll also invite you to join our private Facebook group, where you’ll share ideas with and be inspired by other Dream Ambassadors around the world. We’ll start you off with a series of training emails, loaded with tools and materials to assist you. We’ll give you access to a social media kit to help you speak up and encourage your friends toward sponsorship from your favorite social media sites. 

The Dream Ambassador Program has a flexible range of engagement opportunities, and your time commitment can vary based on your schedule and desire to advocate! Sharing social media posts can take a few minutes per week, while an event might take a few days to plan. The average Dream Ambassador might spend about 1-2 hours a week seeking out potential new sponsors, and that includes learning, prepping, and actually reaching out to their community to talk about sponsorship. Being a Dream Ambassador can be integrated into your daily life, but it does require some time to be intentional about learning, sharing, and asking!