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Nunes Lemons for Littles

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $515
  • $1,000
    One-time Goal
  • $485
    One-time Still Needed
  • -347
    Days to Go



We’re the Nunes Kids! On Saturday, May 25th we will be hosting our first Lemons for Meals Lemonade Stand Fundraiser to raise support for Africa New Life’s food program. We chose this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to our parents. 

Our goal is to raise $1,000! This will provide more than 1,200 meals at Africa New Life schools in Rwanda! And we all know that school lunch allows our brains to be fueled to learn!

Not every kid get’s to have food. Every kid should get to have a full tummy. And everyone loves lemonade. It’s fun to get to help other kids. Maybe one day we can meet them and drink lemonade with them too. 

Since we know a lot of our friends and family cannot physically attend our lemonade stand, we wanted to extend this option to give supporters the opportunity to participate in our event as a virtual participant. Pretty cool huh! Of course we would rather see you all in person. So please come by Saturday, May 25th from 11am-3pm! Check out our mom and dads Facebook page for the address! 

A little about Africa New Life’s Food Program:

It’s awesome! In 2018, they provided approx. 2.3 million meals to children and families in their programs.That’s a big number. It costs $0.83 per meal. Another cool fact is they buy food, ship food, and grow food. Isn’t that neat.

If you want to join us you can also create your own lemonade stand fundraiser! This will help us get the word out and reach more people. Just email 

The least we can do is get creative and try to make a difference one lemonade cup at a time. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference for kids in Rwanda!

The Nunes Lemon Littles! 
-Jacob 9, Charlotte 4,  Oliver 2 1/2 & Ellie 1 1/2 

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