Each woman’s participation in the New Life Family Center costs $1,800 for the year. Individuals or groups can support the NLFC through one-time gifts or monthly gifts of $25 or more. Click the name of a woman above to give in her name and follow her journey throughout the year. Your donation to the Center supports this woman by helping provide instruction in sewing or beauty, business, spiritual nurturing, weekly devotionals, and daycare. Thank you for helping change these precious lives!


Caritas Uwimana is returning to the Family Center after departing the 2018 Class to have her second child. She is 29 years old and married with two children. She is the 8th of 9 children in her family and she attended school through Primary 6. Now she lives with her husband, who is unemployed and unable to fully provide for the family. By finishing learning how to sew, she can earn an income to put her children through school and support the family.


Francine Uwizeyimana is 29 years old and married with two children. Her and her husband are unemployed. They cannot support his family or earn enough to pay rent alone. She was able to graduate secondary school but could not continue to a college education because she could not afford it. She would like to become a master in sewing, so she can support her family towards a better life.


Irakoze Verediana is 21 years old and single with no children. She is blessed to live with both her parents and all three of her siblings. Her parents cannot find reliabile work and are currently unemployed, and they struggle to live. She was able to complete secondary school, but could not continue on to college because of the high fees. She hopes to work hard and learn how to sew well so she can support her sibling’s school fees.


Uwamahoro Christine is 25 years old and single with no children. There are nine children in her family, and both her parents are unemployed. The family struggles to raise school fees or meet basic needs. She managed to complete high school, but could not afford to continue on to college. She would love to master sewing and become a grateful woman who can support her family and herself.


Jeanne Nirere is 31 years and married with two children. She has both parents and second youngest of her six siblings. They all survive because their parents are able to find part time laborer many days. She was able to attend school until Primary 6, when she had to stop attending because her father could not continue to pay the fees. She wants to learn sewing so she can make clothes for her children and earn a living.

marie grace

Marie Grace Byukusenge is 21 years old and a single mother of a four year old. She has one parent herself, who is unemployed and also cares for her two siblings. Her mother struggles to provide for her family. Marie Grace was able to attend school until Primary 6, when she had to drop out because they could not afford for her to continue. Her goal after graduating the New Life Family Center is to use her new skills well, support her family, and be grateful.


Seraphine Mundanikure is married with two children. Her education ended after finishing primary school, as her family could not afford for her to continue. When she left school, she decided to get married thinking that her life would improve with a husband. But it became worse. Her husband struggled to find a job and became frustrated with their poverty. Eventually, he left her and now she is caring for the children alone. She wants to use her opportunity to learn sewing to break her family out of poverty and always have food for her children.


Uwineza Deriphine is unmarried and has two children. She is an orphan and has no living family. In Senior 1, she became pregnant and was forced to leave school. After having her first child, she was assaulted and became pregnant with her second. She works as a housemaid to provide for her children. After graduating, she plans to use her tailoring skills to develop herself and attend to her children’s needs.