As Christians, we believe we are called to be faithful stewards of whatever God has given us. A huge reason why Africa New Life exists is because of God’s people allowing Him to use their gifts, resources, and talents to address the world’s great needs. But stewardship isn’t always easy and sometimes is downright confusing!

Statistics indicate that nearly 65% of people do not have their estate planning affairs up-to-date. And, as the nation ages rapidly, more and more people will need help in this often complicated area of their lives.

To help address this growing need, African New Life is launching new services to help people feel confident that their estate planning affairs are completely in order. As a donor or partner of Africa New Life, you can receive the following items for free, simply by filling out the form below to let us know of your interest:

  • Will and Trust Planning Guide
  • Estate Inventory Form
  • Final Wishes Booklet
  • Email
  • Phone