The New Life Family Center is home to the vocational sewing program, which trains women for one year in tailoring and sewing local fashion pieces as well as home goods. By supporting these women, you are helping equip them with the supplies, instruction, daycare, spiritual discipleship, and daycare they need to succeed as whole persons. Women graduate the Family Center each year with the business knowledge and vocational skills to stabilize their families. The average sewing program graduate triples her monthly income!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the New Life Family Center is not hosting classes at this time. Students completed entrepreneurial training and trauma counseling before classes paused. Currently, women are receiving food support, hygiene items such as soap, regular check ins, nutritionally supplemented porridge for Dream Daycare children, and spiritual discipleship training.

By purchasing a hat or donating through the link below, you are helping these five women change their lives!

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Antoinette Nyiraminani

Antoinette Nyiraminani is 26 years old and married without children. Her mother died in childbirth with Antoinette, leaving behind eight children. Her father remarried quickly. School was difficult for Antoinette and she did not consider attending university. Instead, she looked for a job. When she could not find one, she found herself getting married young. Her husband has a small job which provides for the rent and a little food. They pray for children. She wants to learn sewing so she can get a job, and teach other women in situations like hers.

“The Family Center helped me a lot and I have noticed a number of changes in my life. I no longer carry anxiety and shame with me, I know how to make friends and I feel no longer lonely. I have business knowledge and I will use this knowledge in my career.” – Antoinette, August 2020

Clarisse Niwerwibutso

Clarisse Niwerwibutso is 25 years old and single with two children. She is an only child and lives with her mother in a rental home. Her mother worked as a farmer when Clarisse was young and was able to put her through secondary school. Now Clarisse provides for her mother by finding temporary jobs like housecleaning and laundry. She loves sewing because her mother used to sew. Clarisse plans to become a master at sewing so she can support her children and teach others.

“I used to be a Seventh Day Adventist but because of the word of God we receive in devotions at Africa New Life and the charity works I have seen there, I was inspired to give my life to Christ.” – Clarisse, August 2020

Marie Louise Nahimana Nditonzi

Marie Louise Nahimana Nditonzi is 25 years old and married with one child. She grew up with two siblings and both parents, and she was able to complete secondary school before getting married. Her husband finds some work but it only meets their most basic needs. They struggle to pay the school fees for their son. Marie Louise’s goal is to learn how to sew so she can support her family and teach others.

“My son is in the Dream Daycare program and he lost weight because I couldn’t offer him the same meal like Daycare was providing. But now we receive varieties of porridge and we expect great improvement. I gave my life to Christ and New Life Bible Church is now my church.” – Marie Louise, August 2020

Manirahari Naome

Manirahari Naome is 20 years old and unmarried. She has three siblings, and both parents. Her father is disabled, and her mother doesn’t have a reliable job since she cares for the family. Manirahari completed Secondary 3 (ninth grade) but could not afford to continue. Her siblings dropped out at the same time. Their life is difficult, and the family relies upon one of the sisters who uses her small income to buy food. Manirahari’s goal is to learn how to sew so she can begin working, and support her family.

“I have given my life to Christ and I have gained hope and knowledge of doing business. I have emotional control and capacity to relate with others. I have gained love I have not felt elsewhere before. I have capacity to forgive anyone even before a person asks for forgiveness. The Family Center also helped me to feel loved and to love others as well.” – Manirahari, August 2020

Akayezu Assoumpta

Akayezu Assoumpta is 20 years old and unmarried. She is a middle child with four siblings, all raised by her mother alone. Akayezu completed secondary school, but university was not possible due to cost. She describes herself as always dependent on her mother. Her goal is to open a sewing co-op to earn income with others. Akayezu wants to work hard and not only be self reliant, but also to meet the needs of her family. She dreams of returning to school and earning a university degree in land surveying.

“I have learned a lot at the Family Center – for instance how to pray, and how to be patient. Counselling changed the way I think and socialize with others, I also know how to start a business and manage it.” – Akayezu, August 2020