Let Every Child Dream™

Transforming lives

Our model of caring for the whole child recognizes that, with educational sponsorship at the core of our work, children need other key factors to succeed: growing faith, community development, and a healthy body.


[rwanda_map growing_faith='{“link”:{“url”:”https://www.africanewlife.org/ministries/growing-faith/”,”title”:”Growing Faith”},”popover”:”A vibrant faith is key to helping children and adults in Rwanda face the challenges of life. “}’ educational_sponsorship='{“link”:{“url”:”https://www.africanewlife.org/ministries/educational-sponsorship/”,”title”:”Educational Sponsorship”},”popover”:”We believe that, when given the opportunity to receive an education, children can escape the cycle of poverty. “}’ health_body='{“link”:{“url”:”https://www.africanewlife.org/ministries/healthy-body/”,”title”:”Health Body”},”popover”:”To be successful in school and live a full life, children need to be healthy. Our medical programs are ensuring the health and future of children and families in Rwanda.”}’ community_development='{“link”:{“url”:”https://www.africanewlife.org/ministries/community-development/”,”title”:”Community Development”},”popover”:”It takes a thriving community to transform the lives of individuals. Africa New Life strives to create opportunities to invigorate communities across Rwanda.”}’]

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