Africa New Life exists to transform lives and communities in Rwanda through proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and acts of compassion. Our model of caring for the whole child recognizes that, with educational sponsorship at the core of our work, children need other key factors to succeed: growing faith, community development, and a healthy body. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to win an all-expenses paid* trip with Annie and Carlos to see and experience our ministry’s work on the ground in the beautiful nation of Rwanda.

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what makes us different

At the heart of Africa New Life’s mission is educational sponsorship. Time and time again, we have witnessed that education is the key to helping children and their families break out of the cycle of poverty. Sponsorship with Africa New Life is real and transformative. When you sponsor a child in Rwanda through Africa New Life, you come alongside one real Rwandan student who you will get to know through letters, gifts, and prayer, and who you can meet on the ground during your time in Rwanda! You get the chance to support their education and partner with them in their dreams for the future, to come alongside their family as they face the joys and challenges of daily life, and to be encouraged by the unique and meaningful relationship sponsorship creates. And you get the profound satisfaction of watching your support help transform a young person’s life and being part of a transformative chain reaction that will empower an entire community.


Led by Rwandans, for Rwandans

93% of staff, 500+ people, are East African

11,000 students sponsored

700+ university and post-secondary vocational students supported


This trip will take place from January 11-18, 2024.

Visiting Rwanda with Africa New Life transforms lives. As you encounter Rwanda’s inspirational story of hope and forgiveness, faith deepens. Walking alongside Africa New Life’s Christ-centered and Rwandan-led ministry gives witness to the life-changing impact of education, discipleship, and community development. You’ll get the opportunity to see Africa New Life’s ministry areas on the ground in different communities, meet your sponsored student, and experience Rwanda’s culture through hands-on activities. You can read more about our Team Trips by clicking here.

We will announce the giveaway winners after the ending of the Here For You tour. Winners will be contacted by Friday, July 7.

All-expenses paid includes the following:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • English-speaking guide
  • Safari
  • A night at the Akagera game lodge
  • Cultural activities

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