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Africa New Life believes that for a community to thrive, its women must have opportunities to develop their skills, pursue employment and stability at home, and break out of poverty for themselves and their families. Our New Life Women’s Development Programs offer one-year trainings in vocational sewing or cosmetology skills, alongside childcare for students’ pre-school children, all infused with Christian discipleship and training in family nutrition and sanitation. Each year these programs move around 90 women and 40+ of their young children toward a better life.

New York Times bestselling author and podcast host Annie F. Downs along with storyteller, speaker, and author Carlos Whittaker are HERE FOR YOU and for the people of Rwanda as they head to this resilient nation with Africa New Life in January 2024!

In 2023, Annie and Carlos partnered with Africa New Life to raise funds for our life-changing work with Rwandan women, students, and families. This January 11-18, they are traveling to Rwanda with us to meet the women in our New Life Women’s Development Programs—offering vocational and entrepreneurial training to vulnerable women to empower them to provide better for themselves and their families and break the cycle of poverty. Will you join Annie and Carlos and support the women of Rwanda with a donation today? 

Help us meet our goal for the women of Rwanda!


In Rwandan culture, when one family flourishes, they reach out to help their neighbors. We have seen, time and time again, that when families are given the tools to improve their own circumstances, they then make a difference within their communities in more ways than we could have imagined. When women in our vocational and entrepreneurial programs are trained, uplifted, encouraged, and sent out with the tools and skills they need to make a better life for themselves and their families, their next step is often to sponsor another woman to gain vocational training for herself!

You can come alongside a woman in Rwanda and transform a family and community by supporting the New Life Women’s Development Programs. Partner with Africa New Life and Annie and Carlos today with a gift to our women’s programs, and be part of a lasting generational and community impact!

Come alongside the women of Rwanda today!

“Before joining this program, my life was hopeless… Now I am excited about tomorrow; I know if I study hard, tomorrow will be good.”

— Ingabire Ange, 2023 Vocational Sewing Program Graduate

Ingabire Ange has seen plenty of suffering in her 28 years. Her father died at a young age, leaving her mother to try to support four children through day labor. But then her mother developed cancer and, despite treatment, passed away. Without anyone else to help, Ange was left to care for her three siblings while still a child herself. She had to leave school and try to support the family through whatever work she could find—fetching water, washing clothes, picking coffee, and other jobs for other people, never with guarantees and often with risks.



Ange learned about Africa New Life’s Vocational Sewing Program through friends, and eventually applied for and was chosen to be part of the 2023 cohort.

“Before joining this program, my life was hopeless. I would be like, ‘God; you have forgotten me!’ But when I joined this program, I started receiving counseling, our leaders told me I am a person like others, I started feeling a light in my spirit. 

I am excited about tomorrow; I know if I study hard, tomorrow will be good. My goal is to study well and use the knowledge I have gained from this program to start my own business. I will start slowly but my end goal is to be self-employed.”

Support a woman like Ange today! 

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