2022 Trainees


“My name is Niyonsenga Olive. I am 29 years old and am a mother of a five year old boy, but my husband has left us. My parents died as refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when I was three so my little sibling and I moved from family member to family member. We were first raised by my uncle and were fortunate to be sponsored through secondary school. After graduating I was pressured into getting married at 22 to a family friend. There is pressure on young women in poverty to marry young. After this life became very challenging. My sister is now in a mental rehabilitation center to treat depression caused by our aunt, my child is malnourished because he doesn’t get to eat at school and nutritious foods are unaffordable. All house expenses are on me including taking care of my sister. I don’t have a permanent job, so this is a great opportunity to change my life. I believe the skills I will acquire will help me get a good paying job. Then I can take care of my child and my sister.”


“My name is Uwamahoro Angelique. I am 31 years old and I have a four year old daughter. Most of my childhood I spent as an orphan, and after my mother died I moved to Kigali to live with my relatives who loved me. They did not have the capacity to send me to school, but a friend from church paid for me to attend through Primary 6. Secondary school was too expensive though so I dropped out and became a maid at 13. I worked as a maid for many years until I became pregnant. I had to stop being a maid and instead I looked for part time jobs. My child’s father helps me financially, but we still don’t have enough to send her to school. It hurts to see her friends going to school while she stays home. I am going to use this opportunity to change my life and send my child to school.”


“My name is Muhawenimana Marie Claire and I am 20 years old. I was raised by my mother with my other three siblings after my father abandoned us when I was only a month old. As a farmer my mother earned a little money that she used to buy food and pay school fees. When I started my Senior 1 my mother couldn’t pay my school fees anymore because she was getting too old to work on the farm. I dropped out and started working part time as a laundry girl. Life is so hard for me and my mother but I have hope now that I have this opportunity to go through this training. My dream is to work in a tailoring cooperative and be able to take of myself and my mother.”



“My name is Niyomukiza Pascaline and I am 21 years old. I live with my mother. She has to take care of us by herself because all my father did was drink. She had many expenses to take care of with little money, but she was able to help us go to school. I am the only one who finished secondary school. Today though I help my mother working part time on a farm. I am so confident that the sewing program opportunity will help me raise my family from poverty, to pay for my siblings’ school fees, and provide for my family’s needs. My goal is to own a tailoring shop in the future and give jobs to other people.”



“My name is Yamfashije Prisca and I am 19 years old. I live with my mother as my father left when I was very young. My family lives in poverty and we are often hungry for days. I left school when I was in Primary 4 because it was too difficult to learn when I was hungry. Since dropping out my life has been full of difficulties. I try to find small jobs to help my mother and provide for my siblings. I am so grateful for this opportunity because it will help me life my family from poverty.”


Marie Odille

Marie Odille is a proud graduate of the Vocational Sewing Program as of December 2021, thanks to her hard work and support from Good Shepherd! Marie Odille was unemployed before beginning her time in the program but always dreamed of being a seamstress. Today, her goals after graduation are to open up her own workshop so she can earn income that will support her family, and to be able to train other women in sewing just like her. “We trust in God and hope our future will be brighter, because of your support. My family prays for you.”


Divine is a proud graduate of the Vocational Sewing Program as of December 2021, thanks to her hard work and support from Good Shepherd! Divine’s plans after graduation are to find a reliable job that will provide her with enough income to send her siblings to school, as well as save and open her own workshop. “Thank you for supporting me. May God bless you.”


Ruth is a proud graduate of the Vocational Sewing Program as of December 2021, thanks to her hard work and support from Good Shepherd! Before the program Ruth worked as a housemaid and dreamed of a better opportunity. Now, Ruth aspires to use what she has learned to find a job, save, open her own workshop, and start a family. She plans to employ other women like her, so they can all strengthen their families. “I am so thankful for all your provisions…my family is doing well and thankful to God for his protection. We always pray for you and love you.”

Each woman’s participation in the New Life Family Center costs $1,800 for the year. Your donation to the Center supports this woman by helping provide instruction in sewing & business, spiritual nurturing, weekly devotionals, and daycare. Thank you for helping change the lives of women in Rwanda.