While Africa New Life will be hosting travelers, we ask our travelers’ help and compliance to help achieve a safe environment. Our highest commitment is the safety of our travelers, and the Rwandan communities Africa New Life serves.

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At this time, all travelers are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated, but not required. Please note that the Rwandan government changes restrictions for unvaccinated travelers as it deems necessary in response to COVID-19 cases. Africa New Life has no advance notice or control over these restrictions. Changes may incur shortly before or during travel and may prevent unvaccinated travelers from accessing public spaces such as churches, offices, and restaurants. For this reason, Africa New Life strongly recommends all travelers are fully vaccinated (two shots + booster) for travel and cannot be held liable for changes which impact a trip for unvaccinated travelers. Africa New Life reserves the right to change its own policies as the ministry deems necessary.

If you are not yet fully vaccinated but plan to become so, you may still apply for a trip and complete the full vaccination process prior to travel.

  1. U.S. Center for Disease Control: General international travel recommendations
  2. U.S. Center for Disease Control: Rwanda-specific travel recommendations

Below is a list of the additional testing, documentation, and quarantine measures to expect. Policies change frequently. Our staff will keep travelers informed and provide a pre-departure checklist two weeks prior to travel. Click to check the latest travel advice from Rwanda and the U.S.

  • COVID-19 testing prior to departure: Cost varies
  • Completing online Passenger Locator form for Rwanda prior to departure
  • Testing upon arrival in Rwanda: $60
  • Additional mandatory testing during your time in Rwanda is possible – check latest travel advice
  • Quarantine upon arrival in Rwanda is possible – check latest travel advice
  • Testing prior to hotel stays: $5
  • Testing prior to departure: $50
  • We recommend purchasing refundable airfare: May have higher fares
  • Travelers may choose to purchase “cancel for any reason” travel insurance

All travelers, no matter their vaccination status, will be expected to follow Rwandan laws and Africa New Life protocols including:

  • Masking: Required in all airports and during flights. In Rwanda, full-time masking is required in public, at church, in vehicles, or as mandated by the Rwandan government
  • Distancing: Kindly limit hugging, handshaking, and other close physical contact
  • Testing: PCR test upon arrival ($60) and departure ($50), and a $5 rapid test prior to hotel stays. Additional mandatory testing during your time in Rwanda is possible – check latest travel advice
  • Quarantine: You may be required to transfer directly to a hotel upon arrival for a short stay until your COVID test results are available. Africa New Life will help make reservations, payment and provide transportation. – check latest travel advice for current quarantine status
  • No in-home visits: Visiting your sponsored student will take place at an Africa New Life sponsorship offices instead of inside a home
  • Gathering restrictions: possible restrictions on gatherings sizes, church and restaurant capacities
  • Curfews or closures: May be in place and vary depending on location

  • Discontinuation of traveler’s planned trip itinerary and activities.
  • Inability to leave Rwanda or enter the United States. Testing positive for COVID-19 while in Rwanda will result in mandatory isolation for up to 10 days or until a negative test result is received. The U.S. will not permit positive persons to enter the country. Rwanda will not allow positive persons to leave the country.
  • Africa New Life has a defined protocol: COVID-19 positive travelers will be required to isolate in a designated room at the Africa New Life Guest House. Meals will be taken in the room. We will arrange for you to have health checks by medical professionals from Dream Medical Center. If treatment or hospitalization is required, we will help arrange for it. Our staff will continue to support the traveler until they’re well and able to depart Rwanda.
  • Traveler will be responsible for all additional costs outside of original trip including additional nights’ lodging, meals, and airfare changes.
  • Unplanned out-of-pocket expenses for medical care received while traveling (can seek reimbursement from travel-medical-insurance).

During your online application, all travelers are asked to disclose their vaccination status. Travelers will sign a Release of Information and acknowledgment regarding their vaccination status.

Yes! We know how important it is to see your sponsored student in person! We will make every effort to make this happen. To keep families and communities safe, a “home” visit will not be held in the home. We will be conducting all student visits at Africa New Life facilities. Our staff will help get your sponsored student and their family to the Africa New Life office where you will be able to sit and have fellowship with your student.

Africa New Life requires all travelers to have international medical emergency coverage since many U.S. health care plans to not extend to overseas coverage. We purchase Allianz’s World Travel Protection plans for our travelers. Our priority is to ensure all travelers can seek reimbursement should they need emergency medical care while traveling overseas.

The Allianz policy does include limited (typically $300-$1,000) reimbursement for trip cancellation, interruption, or delay, even if due to COVID-19.

Understanding coverage and the filing of any claims is the full responsibility of each traveler. Africa New Life cannot advise on coverage specifics. We encourage each traveler carefully read the Allianz insurance policy and contact the insurance carrier directly for clarifications. Travelers are encouraged to procure their own additional trip insurance to cover circumstances important to them, such as “cancel for any reason” coverage.

No. Even after vaccination, it is still possible to spread COVID-19. For this reason, all travelers will be required to follow distancing, sanitizing, masking, and no in-home visit protocols in Rwanda. Travelers should expect to continue following COVID-19 safety protocols in Rwanda even after vaccination, until it is deemed safe to do otherwise.

If your pre-departure COVID test is positive, the airline is required to deny your boarding. If you receive a positive test result, you will need to:

  1. contact your Team Leader immediately.
  2. cancel your flight immediately. If booked through the Africa New Life travel agent call: 1.855.577.5685. You must call to cancel your flight PRIOR to its scheduled departure – this will allow for either a refund or credit to be issued.
  3. Notify Africa New Life via email: or phone 503.906.1888. We will be in touch to let you know if any portion of your airfare or trip cost is eligible for refund.

The choice is up to each person and group. There are increased health risks, higher costs and added processes and procedures involved in traveling today. We encourage you to pray, to discuss with your fellow staff, and potential team members. Our Africa New Life staff is available to you! We are here to answer questions, concerns and to work together to reach a decision that feels right for you.

Low. We will only cancel travel if the restrictions or risk make travel unwise. If the government of Rwanda imposes a strict lockdown, transportation limit, or shelter in place order that will significantly limit your ability to achieve your itinerary, we may cancel your trip. We will make decisions in conjunction with your team leader and communicate openly and quickly to all travelers.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email