While Africa New Life will be hosting travelers, we ask our travelers’ help and compliance to help achieve a safe environment. Our highest commitment is the safety of our travelers and the Rwandan communities Africa New Life serves.

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No, you don’t need to be vaccinated to travel to Rwanda with Africa New Life. However, at this time, all travelers are encouraged to be fully vaccinated even though it’s not a requirement. Please note that the Rwandan government changes restrictions for unvaccinated travelers as it deems necessary in response to COVID-19 cases. Africa New Life has no advance notice or control over these restrictions. Changes may occur shortly before or during travel and may prevent unvaccinated travelers from accessing public spaces such as churches, offices, and restaurants. For this reason, Africa New Life strongly recommends all travelers are fully vaccinated for travel and cannot be held liable for changes that impact a trip for unvaccinated travelers. Africa New Life reserves the right to change its own policies as the ministry deems necessary.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are welcome to apply for a trip with Africa New Life.

Policies change frequently. Our staff will keep travelers informed and provide the latest information about COVID-19 restrictions in Rwanda two weeks prior to your travel. Click to check the latest travel advice from Rwanda and the U.S. Below is a list of COVID-19 testing to expect:

  • Random Testing upon arrival in Rwanda: $50
  • Testing prior to safari or gorilla trekking excursions: $50

In case of illness, we recommend purchasing refundable airfare, which may have higher fares.

Yes! We know how important it is to see your sponsored student in person! We will make every effort to make this happen. To keep families and communities safe, depending on the size of the team a “home” visit might not be held in the home. We will be conducting most of the student visits at Africa New Life facilities. Our staff will help get your sponsored student and their family to the Africa New Life office where you will be able to sit and have fellowship with your student.

Africa New Life requires all travelers to have international medical emergency coverage since many U.S. health care plans to not extend to overseas coverage. We purchase Allianz’s World Travel Protection or Volunteer card insurance for our travelers. Our priority is to ensure all travelers can seek reimbursement should they need emergency medical care while traveling overseas.

Understanding coverage and the filing of any claims is the full responsibility of each traveler. Africa New Life cannot advise on coverage specifics. We encourage each traveler carefully read the Allianz insurance policy or Volunteer card insurance and contact the insurance carrier directly for clarifications. Travelers are encouraged to procure their own additional trip insurance to cover circumstances important to them, such as “cancel for any reason” coverage.

If your pre-departure COVID test is positive, the airline is required to deny your boarding. If you receive a positive test result, you will need to:

  1. Contact your Team Leader immediately.
  2. Cancel your flight immediately. If booked through the Africa New Life travel agent, call 1.312.924.1258 for the Corporate travel agency or call 952.886.7605 for the AFC travel agency. You must call to cancel your flight PRIOR to its scheduled departure – this will allow for either a refund or credit to be issued.
  3. Notify Africa New Life via email at or phone 503.906.1888. We will be in touch to let you know if any portion of your airfare or trip cost is eligible for refund.

Praise Jesus! travel is open and safe again at any time. Our Africa New Life staff is available for you and will assist in answering questions, concerns and in working together to reach a decision that feels right for you.