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Help Us Eliminate Child Hunger In Rwanda


In many parts of the U.S., COVID-related restrictions are lifted and businesses have reopened, making it feel to many like the pandemic is finally over. But in Rwanda, it’s not over yet.

Because many parents in Rwanda’s poorer communities receive their income through temporary labor, the economic slowdown resulting from this virus means many families will have limited or no income coming in. And with schools out for the summer, families now have more mouths to feed during the day and little to feed them.

It is a dire situation for many.

Given these circumstances, Africa New Life is redirecting funds from our school lunch program in order to provide immediate food relief, hygiene products, and other forms of care to the most vulnerable families in our communities. Our staff is confident that the best way they can help families in this crisis is through provision of beans, maize (corn) flour, and soap.

We believe provision of food, hygiene, and related relief to the most vulnerable families in our communities is the most timely and strategic response we make today.

You can help with a donation to our Food & Care Program. Any dollar amount helps ensure vulnerable families’ most critical needs are met until schools and businesses reopen. Every $15 provides an average family with emergency food relief for two weeks.

Click below to help support families for whom this pandemic just isn’t over yet.

Latest Updates from Rwanda

July 22, 2021

As Rwanda fights a new spike of COVID cases, with very limited access to vaccines as of yet, the government has recently mandated a new series of restrictions and closures aimed at slowing the spread of this devastating virus.

At this time, most businesses are closed in Kigali, Rubavu, and several other districts. Social gatherings and activities outside of essential services are restricted or prohibited. During last year’s prolonged closures across nation, temporary labor and many jobs disappeared overnight, leaving many families in desperate economic circumstances, even as food prices soared. Now the same thing is happening again. Because many parents in Rwanda’s poorer communities receive their income through temporary labor, these are the families who are now most at risk. Parents already struggling to feed their children may have an even more impossible situation now with their children’s schools closed for summer break and with less income than usual or none at all.

Africa New Life is once again providing immediate food relief to the hardest-hit families in our communities. Gifts of food relief can be donated through Food and Care Program, or sponsors can send food directly to their sponsored student and their family through the Online Store.

November 23, 2020

We are grateful to share that schools have begun reopening across Rwanda! While Africa New Life’s local staff have been incredibly creative and innovative in finding ways to help students continue learning despite the interruptions of this year, we are grateful to see students able to return to classrooms again. Rwanda is taking a staggered approach to reopening schools:

  • Students who will be taking national exams next year have returned to school first.
  • All students in Primary 4 (4th grade) and above will be back in class by November 23.
  • Students in pre-school through Primary 3 will return to school in January.
  • Most vocational training programs, including our New Life Family Center’s sewing and cosmetology programs, have reopened with heightened health and safety protocols.

As schools reopen, Africa New Life will be able to resume providing consistent lunches to students at the schools we manage. We will also continue to support students and families experiencing extreme food insecurity related to COVID-19 in the months ahead.

We ask that you continue to pray for health and safety for our staff, program participants, and students’ families during the coming months. COVID-19 remains a threat to Rwandan communities, and the government and our staff continue to do everything they can to prevent its spread.

Thank you!

Please continue providing food and hygiene for families in need.