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Help Us Eliminate Child Hunger In Rwanda


We are grateful that, so far, no Africa New Life staff, sponsored students, or families in Rwanda have caught the novel coronavirus. But make no mistake, the pandemic is impacting Rwandan families in difficult ways.

Because many parents in Rwanda’s poorer communities receive their income through temporary labor, the economic slowdown resulting from this virus means many families will have limited or no income coming in. And with schools closed, families now have more mouths to feed during the day and little to feed them.

It is a dire situation for many.

Given these circumstances, Africa New Life is redirecting funds from our school lunch program in order to provide immediate food relief, hygiene products, and other forms of care to the most vulnerable families in our communities. Our staff is confident that the best way they can help families in this crisis is through provision of beans, maize (corn) flour, and soap.

We believe provision of food, hygiene, and related relief to the most vulnerable families in our communities is the most timely and strategic response we make today.

You can help with a donation to our Food & Care Program. Any dollar amount helps ensure vulnerable families’ most critical needs are met. Every $15 provides an average family with emergency food relief for two weeks.

Click below to bring urgent relief to the families who need it most.

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Your gift of food transforms lives!

Latest Updates from Rwanda

June 19th

Lengthy school closures due to COVID-19 have posed a challenge to how our vision of educating sponsored students could be achieved. With most of our sponsored students lacking the resources to access broadcast lessons through radio and TV, Africa New Life Rwanda leadership brought together our best teachers from New Life Christian Academy in Kayonza, Kibenga Primary School in Bugesera, and Rwisirabo Primary and Secondary Schools in Kageyo to produce educational materials for each grade level covering a variety of subject areas. These materials are intended to allow every sponsored student to keep studying and remain engaged in their own education, discipleship, and growth during the lengthy period of school closures and lockdowns. Thousands of booklets—almost 3 million pages of content in all—are being distributed to each community and family we work with this month!

May 19th

Earlier this month, the government announced that primary and secondary schools will reopen in September. In the intervening months, the Ministry of Education will be providing educational opportunities via radio and television. Many students living in poverty do not have access to these media, however, and will therefore have a four-month break from formal education. Rwandan leadership, community staff, and educators have been responding quickly to assess the potential risks to students during the coming months and to determine how our program can mitigate those risks.

Sponsorship staff will care for students in the following ways until schools reopen:

  • Providing a relief bundle of food and hygiene supplies for every sponsored student each month until school resumes;
  • Partnering with community health care centers to ensure students have access to medical treatment, prescription medications, and transfers to hospitals and other care facilities as needed;
  • Visiting and/or calling every sponsored student’s family to ensure timely awareness of risks and challenges facing families, to pray with them, and to inspire faith and hope as much as possible;
  • Creating and delivering comprehensive educational materials to encourage all students to study at home;
  • Providing Christian discipleship materials alongside the educational package; and finally,
  • Ensuring regular reports of any issues to the U.S. team to share with sponsors as appropriate.

Thank you!

Please continue providing food and hygiene for families in need.