Please include two stories from the local pastor of transformation as a result of the work of the church. Examples: how the church helped a family through the COVID-19 crisis, how the community supported a family in need, or how someone in your church was impacted in a powerful way by God. Please be detailed and specific, including the names of people, places, and events as much as possible. This is a great way to show how God provided for the community.

    Please refrain from requests for material things (like sound equipment or a new roof). For such requests, please have Rwandan leadership contact a member of the U.S. Development team. Prayer requests should be detailed and include the names of people, places, and events as much as possible. These requests should state what the concern is, how the church is coming alongside them, and how we can also pray for them. If the prayer request is about an upcoming event (like a surgery), include the date or month of the event we should pray for. Examples could include someone who has fallen off the path of following Jesus and how the church is praying for them. Describe what happened in their situation and how is the church walking with them in prayer. Another example could be how a family has lost someone due to an illness and they can use prayers. Tell us a little about the family, how the church is responding, and what we can be praying for.

    Send all photos to Olivia, who will upload them to Dropbox. Photos will then be matched with each community report and submitted to the U.S. Marketing team.