Climbing Rainier to Support Rwanda

Adventure is our passion. Whether serving in the missions field around the world, running races, backpacking or climbing mountains, we feel collectively that you are the summary of your life experiences and a meaningful life is based on the people that you meet, the sights that you see, and the impact you can make. Our goal is to accomplish all of these in one trip. Donating to our fund, every dollar you provide will go towards feeding the children of Rwanda (we are funding the trip entirely). We are looking for you to join us in our mission. Any dollar amount will help but we are looking for 70 people to give $0.01 per vertical foot of Mt Rainier. With a summit height of 14,410 ($144) will you join us in our quest to provide much needed support for those in need? Any amount is welcome and we look forward to you joining us on our next adventure! Donate and celebrate with us as we reach the Summit on August 8th, 2016.

Photo credit: © Esther Havens Photography