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At Africa New Life, we believe that access to education is the key to helping children break out of poverty. For that reason, educational sponsorship is the heart of our ministry. Today, 11,000 students are sponsored across Rwanda and pursuing the education that will free them and their families to thrive! Their sponsorship means they can attend school consistently and are equipped with the materials and support needed to succeed.

By sponsoring a child with Africa New Life, you help to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda and free a child to dream.


Students in Karangazi, Rwanda. Image by Wurzbach Fisher Photography.

Sponsorship helps families by assisting them with school fees, which allows them to use their income to pay for other expenses while feeling confident that their child will get the education needed to pursue a stable life free of poverty in the long-run. Sponsored students receive a school uniform and scholastic materials, have access to basic medical care through our community nurses, get to participate in Christian camps and other discipleship opportunities with their peers, and are surrounded by local community leaders, teachers, pastors, and child welfare officers who genuinely care about and notice their needs.

When you become a sponsor, you have the opportunity to play an important role in a student’s educational and spiritual journey. We desire for all sponsors to build relationships with their sponsored students through writing letters, ordering gifts, or even traveling to Rwanda. We hope the impact of sponsorship stretches far beyond the borders of Rwanda, to your heart, your family, and your community.

Become a sponsor of a student in Rwanda today and be part of the transformation! Click the button below to become a sponsor today, or learn more about what sponsorship with Africa New Life means and about the incredible nation of Rwanda.

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Sponsor Now

Sponsorship offers children in Rwanda the opportunity to attend school and experience the love of Christ. Are you called to be a sponsor today?

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Our Impact

  • Founded and run by Rwandans
  • 11,000 children sponsored
  • 650+ post-secondary students supported
  • 700+ students enrolled at Africa College of Theology
  • 1.5+ million meals provided annually
  • 2nd largest private hospital in Rwanda


Watch below to see the difference educational sponsorship can make in a child’s life.


Want to know more about sponsoring a child in Rwanda? Read more about what sponsorship with Africa New Life offers a student, read our Frequently Asked Questions for sponsors, or read stories of former sponsored students to see how sponsorship transformed their lives!

For more information about sponsorship, contact the sponsorship team at or 866.979.0393.