Advocate for a Child

Lending your voice as an advocate for a child is one of the most powerful things you can do for children in Rwanda. When you recommend child sponsorship to your friends and families, you build credibility for Africa New Life that we can’t achieve without your help. When you register to advocate for a child, we will take one specific child off our sponsorship website and assign them to you for two weeks. Our hope is that you will find a sponsor for them through conversations, email, and social media. Be sure to look through the resources on this page to help you in your efforts.

Our prayer is that many children will be sponsored this year through the prayer-filled efforts of our staff, volunteers and advocates so these dream-filled children can start school in Rwanda. Thank you for joining us in this effort!

How does this work?

  1. Register with Africa New Life as an advocate for a specific child for one month using the form on the introduction tab of this webpage.
  2. Africa New Life will receive your registration and match you to a future student. You will receive an email with your student’s information, a link that can be used to sponsor the child, and a picture of your student attached to the email, which can be used for posting on social media.
  3. Once you have your student’s information, think and pray through who might have interest in sponsoring this child. We encourage you to spread the word through conversations, emails to friends/family, and social media.
  4. If someone in your circles wants to sponsor the child, simply send them your child’s link. Once a sponsor has clicked that link and sponsored the child that you’ve advocated for, the child will be removed from the website so no one else can sponsor them.
  5. Celebrate! You have impacted this child in a powerful way by helping them get sponsored. Thank you!


Do I get to choose the child I advocate for?

No. Please allow Africa New Life to select a child for you. In the future, we hope to expand your choices in advocating for a child.


Can I post the child’s link to social media?

Yes. If anyone chooses to sponsor your child, the link will redirect all subsequent potential sponsors to our online sponsorship website.


Can I advocate for more than one child?

Yes. Once you have finished finding a sponsor for your first child, please go to the Give me more! tab on this webpage and contact our advocate coordinator and marketing manager, Betty Krenek.


How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

$39 per month. For details on sponsorship, click here.


If you have any other questions, please call our office at 866.979.0393

Social Media

  1. Make sure the post feels authentic to who you are.
  2. Be sure to upload the picture of your future student that Africa New Life will send you. Picture-based posts are the most effective for communicating.
  3. All you need from friends on social media is expressed interest in sponsoring your child. Details and information should be sent by email or communicated in person.
  4. If more than one person is willing to sponsor, please be prepared to point people to our sponsorship site to pick another child.

Sample Posts for Social Media

1. Coming back from my trip to Rwanda, I have been able to personally see the fruit of child sponsorship. After meeting my sponsored child and hearing his/her story, I want to advocate for (advocate child’s name) to be sponsored too. Sponsoring a child changes that child’s life, the trajectory for an entire family, and ultimately the nation. Would you consider sponsoring (child’s name) today? Comment below if you would like to sponsor this sweet child today and I’ll send you their information!

2. Friends, I want to introduce you to (advocate child’s name), who lives in the Rwandan community of Bugesera. He/she dreams of being (dream job) one day but needs a sponsor to help him/her get back to school in January. If you are interested in changing a child’s life through sponsorship, please comment below and I will get you more information on (advocate child’s name).

3. Meet (child’s name). He/she is (age), and is a future student in Rwanda. I have committed to helping (child’s name) find a sponsor so he/she can go back to school in January. If you are interested in changing (child’s name) life through sponsorship, message me and I will get you more details.


Sample Tweets

1. To (advocate child’s name), #sponsorshipmatters. Find out how you can become a sponsor today! Private message me to begin sponsoring (advocate child’s name) today!

2. #sponsorship is the heart of @AfricaNewLifeRW. Learn how to become a sponsor at and private message me to sponsor today!

3. Child sponsorship is the most powerful way to create a personal relationship with a child. Private message me to sponsor through @AfricaNewLifeRW today!


Use our hashtags!

#TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou (this one is really good to post on everything!!)


  1. Share about your experience in sponsoring a child with Africa New Life.
  2. Describe what sponsorship provides for a child. Here is information on sponsorship from Africa New Life’s website.
  3. Help your friend/family member understand that they will have the chance to develop a relationship with a child in need that will also impact their life.
  4. Make sure you have their email address to send your advocate child’s information to.


  1. Include an impactful subject line for the email.
  2. Keep the email fairly short, if possible.
  3. Explain who your advocate child is, your role in helping them find a sponsor, and share your experience in sponsoring a child with Africa New Life.
  4. Include your child’s direct sponsor link.
  5. Potential other links to include:


Prayer is one of the most powerful forms of advocacy. With each profile you receive, please take 5 minutes out of your day to pray for that child. We know the Lord has amazing plans for them, and with your prayers they are one step closer to seeing transformation take place.

  • If you would like to continue to advocate for additional children, please contact Betty Krenek, Africa New Life’s advocacy coordinator and marketing manager.
  • If you have a friend who would like to join in you in advocating for children, please direct them to this website using the address
  • If you think your church would be interested in learning more about Africa New Life, please contact our Church Partnerships Manager, Jeremiah Smith. You can also visit our church partnership website,