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For the 39% of Rwandans who live in poverty, basic necessities like food are difficult to come by. The World Food Programme estimates that over 50% of children in Rwanda suffer from malnutrition. Without sufficient food or the nutrients their bodies need, children cannot concentrate, learn, or grow.



Africa New Life Ministries provides more than 2,000,000 meals each year to children in Rwanda through the schools and programs they manage. Kids Around the World’s OneMeal program helps make this possible by providing nutritious food that is easily packed, shipped, stored, and prepared.

Food for Good - Africa New Life

Businesses from throughout the Portland area come together each winter to provide hundreds of thousands of meals for hungry children in Rwanda through Food for Good, a family-friendly, hands-on community service event. With your sponsorship of this event and the volunteered effort of the Portland community, we can make daily nutrition a reality for thousands of Rwandan children in need.



For hungry children, food means more than just subsistence. It also means having the energy to play, the ability to concentrate and learn, and the hope of a future free of poverty! Meal-packing is a fun, engaging community activity that lets you be part of the solution for hungry children! Business teams, families, or friends can participate in meal-packing and work together to help break the cycle of poverty for families in Rwanda.

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Food for Good - Africa New Life

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