Africa New Life relies on people like you to make a difference in Rwanda. What drives you? What ideas do you have? This is your ministry, and it was people like you who created a scholarship program for college girls, provided hundreds of shoes for street children and fed an entire community. Are you looking for a way to connect your time with the work of Africa New Life? When you use your gifts, your passion and your abilities, something great happens! We’re looking for creative people to jump in. Share your passion and inspire your community! Use what you have to change lives in Rwanda.

Already folks are inviting friends over for dinner to share about sponsorship. One woman is approaching quilting shops to support the New Life Family Center. A business owner put up pictures of people in Rwanda to raise awareness for the need. Children are asking for donations in lieu of gifts at their birthday party. Churches are dedicating sacrificial giving around Christmas to change lives. Employers are matching employee donations to help Rwanda. Consider what can you do…

Click below to see an example of a recent campaign: