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When you start a campaign, we will ask you to give to one of these funds or ministries: Dream Medical Center, Food and Care, Women’s Ministry, ACT, or let us know which program you’d like to support.


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Rick McClain's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$19,445 of $20,000 raised

Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$72,082 of $150,000 raised

Curt Fintel's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$3,200 of $10,000 raised

Bob's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$13,497 of $20,000 raised

Clark's Camino Fundraiser for Food Is

Pastor Paul's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$20,641 of $25,000 raised

John Constantine's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$1,000 of $20,000 raised

Mutoni Sharon's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$3,350 of $150,000 raised

Grubbs Climb Kilimanjaro for Education

One-time donations:

$7,450 of $25,000 raised

Godfrey's (Jeje) Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$7,340 of $20,000 raised

Doug & Payton's Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

One-time donations:

$7,508 of $19,341 raised

Kageyo Church Sound System

Africa New Life - Kageyo Sound System
Money Goal: 5,000

The Dream: 30K for Ashleigh's 30th

Ashleigh O'Hara
Money Goal: $30,000

Campaign Success Stories

Tatum's Success Story

7th Grader Tatum Raised $3,500 to Build a Well

I traveled to Rwanda with Africa New Life in 2014, when I was 11. Driving on the dirt roads toward Kageyo, I noticed how many children were walking along the roads with dirty yellow canisters. Later I found out they were five-gallon jugs they use to carry mud-filled, contaminated water home. They were my age and even younger, walking 10 miles for nasty water!

I had so much, and those kids didn’t have anything. I knew I had to do something. Actions speak louder than words. Back in America, I got five of my friends together and we planned a walk-a-thon to buy a well in Kageyo. We called it the Walk for Water. We got sponsors and carried two gallon jugs two miles. While I walked, I realized how hard it must be for those kids. That year, we raised $2,000!

The Walk for Water was so successful, the next year we did it with the whole school and raised another $3,500. That was enough to install a new well and repair others. It started with a thought that turned into an action. So many kids can have clean water now, and they’ll be healthier. Now matter how big or small you are, you can help! If a seventh grader can do it, you can too.

Becky's Success Story

Becky Raised $10,000, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and helped build the Dream Medical Center!

I decided to jump into a campaign to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Dream Medical Center because of my son, Judah. He is adopted from the very community where the medical center will be build. The very least I could do to say “thank you” to this community for caring for my son is to raise money for the Dream Medical Center.

The goal was big: I needed to raise $10,000 for the Dream Medical Center. A friend helped me come up with a goal of finding 20 families to contribute $500. I was blown away by the responses! Families found all kinds of ways to raise the money. One of my friends committed to roasting and selling coffee beans. Families saw it as a joy to do this together!

Truly, I raised the money through word of mouth. I talked about it all the time, and people would ask me about it constantly! I went on training hikes, posted on Facebook, and people started reaching out. After doing this, I know asking isn’t a burden if it’s something I believe in and it’s God’s design. In the end, I raised not, $10,000, but $20,000!

April's Campaign

Raising Funds for Medical Help, With God’s Guidance Every Step of the Way

My journey to Kilimanjaro started in 2005. My friend Becky and I were planning our first trip to Africa, and we started dreaming about climbing the mountain. Back then, time and finances got in the way. 11 years later, Becky called to see if I was ready! Many thoughts rushed through my mind—my kids, our finances, how crazy it would be—so I said no.

Over the next few months, I continued to pray and seek God. I learned more about Africa New Life and the Dream Medical Center this climb would raise money for. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! God gave me several words during that time, like “HEAR ME,” “DECIDE,” and, finally, “GO.” The thought of raising $10,000 was crazy, but the more I learned, the more I realized my fears were small compared to what the children in Rwanda have endured and the good this hospital would do.

I started praying and asking God to guide me through this process. Again and again, God reminded me HE was with me, in charge of the whole thing. Together with the help of many creative and generous friends, who partnered with me and volunteered their time and finances, and got started with fundraising events! Soon enough, I had raised over $12,000. Even my children asked to be involved, which made me so excited and proud. Together with their school, they hosted a Kilometers for Kilgali run that raised almost $3,000.

I was tired and busy, and definitely out of my comfort zone, but I knew I wasn’t doing this alone. God was guiding me the whole way. This opportunity was life changing—not only for so many Rwandans, but also for me and my family! I am forever grateful to have been part of it.