Vestine is 30 years old and married with two children. She grew up with five siblings and chronic poverty. No one in her family is well educated and Vestine finished second grade before the school fees kept her from attending. She got married at a very young age. Her husband is ill, and has not been able to see for over two years. Because of this, he struggles to find work. Her dream is to grow her skills by teaching others and to reach financial stability for her & her husband.


Germain is 19 and single. She has two other siblings, raised by her single mother after her father rejected them all. Her mother is a gardening day laborer, and Germain stopped her school in eighth grade because her family could not pay the school fees. Her goal after graduation is to gain employable skills and work hard so that she can help her mother and siblings.


Hana is 21 years old and single. She is the second oldest of seven children who were abandoned by their father and raised by their mother. Her mother struggles to find work each day. Life is hard for them. She was given the opportunity to attend school through eighth grade, but then had to drop out because she could not pay the school fees. Her dream after graduation to find a sewing job that will allow her to take care of her family.


Celine is 43 years old and has seven children. She grew up with her parents until she lost them during the genocide. After her parents died, she was left to take care of her siblings. She completed high school and she earned her own school fees, but the fees for university are expensive and she couldn’t earn enough to attend. Later she married, but her husband left her with seven kids. Life is hard for her because she has nothing. Her goal after this training is to start up her own fashion & design business so that she can develop herself and her family.


Mediatrice is 20 years and single. She is an orphan – her father died when she was little and she never knew his face. Her mother died too, when she was nine years old. She has four sisters but two have a different father. Life has improved since she began living with her full sister. Mediatrice earned enough to put herself through tenth grade, but unfortunately had to stop this year because she could no longer support herself. Her goal is to open her own business and when her business starts going well, she will buy a car so that she can drive herself and help her sister.


Stephanie is 22 years old and single. She was the last born in a family of five children. She lost her father when she was young, so her mother took care of whole family and life was not easy. After finishing eigth grade, she became pregnant and had to drop out from worry that she would not be able to provide for her child while attending school. She made the decision to leave her home and come to Kigali for a job. She found work as a housemaid that helps her provide for her son. Her dream after graduation is to work for herself and build savings for her son.


Claudine is 25 years old and single. Both of her parents and all six of her siblings are living. Her parents work as farmers but are very poor. Claudine was able to finish high school, but could not continue because she could not get the funds for attending university. Their life is so difficult that she left her parents in the village and came to Kigali to live with her older sister near the New Life Family Center. Her goal after this year is to build herself a better future after earning enough income and helping her family.


Belise is 31 years old and married. She and her husband have two children. She is not working, and her husband only finds part-time jobs such as farm work, so life is not easy to them. She finished fourth grade, then stopped because her mother was too poor. She lost her father when she was young, and her mother couldn’t manage to pay for her alone. Her goal after graduation is to find a job and after earning enough skills and capital, she wants to start her own business and help her family develop. She also wants to continue researching fashion design so she can become an expert in her career.


Claudine is 17 years old and single. She is the third born in a family of seven children, and completed the sixth grade before she had to drop out because of the fees. Her parents separated in May of 2017, and then her father disappeared. They don’t know where he is at all now. Her siblings are living with their mother in their village, but Claudine left for Kigali to live with her mother’s friend near the New Life Family Center. After graduating she dreams of helping her family and becoming self-employed.

Each woman’s participation in the New Life Family Center costs $1,800 for the year. Individuals or groups can support the NLFC through one-time gifts or monthly gifts of $25 or more. Click the name of a woman above to give in her name and follow her journey throughout the year. Your donation to the Center supports this woman by helping provide instruction in sewing & business, spiritual nurturing, weekly devotionals, and daycare. Thank you for helping change these precious lives.