Dream Beauty Academy

Women with Reference Codes beginning in DBA are students of the Dream Beauty Academy branch, where they will learn cosmetology and hairstyling skills.


Floride is 25 years old and single. Both her parents are living, and she is the fourth born amongst six children. Her father does not have a permanent job but instead sometimes works part-time. Her mother is also unemployed. Life is not easy because they are renting and life in Kigali is very expensive. She stopped her education in 11th grade because her sister got an accident and she earned Floride’s school fees. After the accident, there was no one to pay Floride’s fees. Her goal after this training is to find a job and after her income increases, she wants to help her family first. She also hopes to work for herself and earn enough to go back to school.


Deborah is 23 years old and single. She was born in family of nine children and both her parents are living. Her family struggles because her father is a farmer and is the only one who supporting her siblings in their education, as her mother is unemployed. Deborah stopped her education in the ninth grade because they were many children and her father couldn’t manage to support all of them. She made the decision to drop out of school so some of her siblings could stay. Her goal after graduating is to look for a job. Once she reaches financial stability, she hopes to start her own business and support her family. This will allow her father to grow old in peace, and her family to strength. If her business goes well, she wants to return to school and finish her education.


Aimee is 22 years old and single. Her family situation is not good; her mother is the only one who is working. She has a small business that provides enough money for rent and food, but nothing more. There are four children, but Aimec is the only one who attended school. She completed high school but she couldn’t continue because the university fees are much higher and her family could not afford to send her. Her dream after this training is to find a job and improve her life and her family’s lives. She hopes to be able to send her younger sisters to school.

Each woman’s participation in the New Life Family Center costs $1,800 for the year. Individuals or groups can support the NLFC through one-time gifts or monthly gifts of $25 or more. Click the name of a woman above to give in her name and follow her journey throughout the year. Your donation to the Center supports this woman by helping provide instruction in sewing or beauty, business, spiritual nurturing, weekly devotionals, and daycare. Thank you for helping change these precious lives.