It is estimated that in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, 7,000 children live on the streets. These children – mostly boys who are orphaned, poor or too old to return to school – go to the streets looking for food, for water, for a better life.


Street Children Ministry - Africa New Life MinistriesAfrica New Life maintains the following programs for young street boys in our rehabilitation program:

  • A well-equipped educational center: This center features tutoring at every grade level in reading, writing English, math, and social studies.
  • Biblical training: Along with tutoring in their school subjects, we conduct regular training in Christ’s word for the boys.
  • Detailed oversight and clear expectations: Our leadership team spends several hours each week meeting with the families/guardians of these boys. We have established a strong relationship with the schools they attend, meeting with headmasters and teachers to evaluate each student’s progress.



Through an agreement between Africa New Life and a nationally certified vocational training center, young men who either lived on the street of Kigali or came from dysfunctional home situations precluding them from regularly attending traditional schooling are now able to gain the skills they need to pull themselves out of poverty. Currently, 100 of these young men spend each weekday morning at Kicukiro Institute of Technology. The Institute provides them with nine months of vocational training in one of five areas: construction, carpentry, metal work, automotive, and electronics. Upon graduation, the Institute certifies them nationally as professionally trained technicians in their new fields and works to connect each graduate with companies hiring throughout Rwanda. After class, these young men walk the short journey to Kigali Dream Center where they are provided with a nutritious lunch and additional training to enhance their grasp of English, job interview skills, and work skills while studying the life of Jesus. The Street Youth program is funded through the generosity of Aspen Heights.


Our Light the Streets video, which was screened at the 2012 Sundance Festival, tells the story of Athanase, who used to live on the streets of Kigali. His story is a common one among the boys involved in our Street Children ministry.