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As a young child, Stephen Mugisha’s family lived a good life in Tanzania; they owned cattle and their own land. Stephen’s mother cared for their eleven children while her husband traveled, selling produce. She trusted in God’s faithfulness to the family and prayed constantly.

When Stephen was 10 years old, Tanzanian authorities rounded up Rwandans, loaded them into trucks, drove them to the Rwandan border, and left them. Stephen’s father was not with them, and later Stephen’s mother received a call saying her husband had been shot and killed. That same afternoon, in the refugee camp, she gave birth to her twelfth child.

With twelve children to support by herself, Stephen’s mother could not meet all their needs. A family friend introduced them to Africa New Life. Stephen and several of his siblings found sponsors. The family moved to Bugesera, where they receive support from New Life Bible Church. Stephen has grown spiritually, joining the weekly worship choir practices.

“Life now is much better because I go to school and church. I want to go to university and become a pilot. This is my dream.”


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