At Africa New Life

We dream of a Rwanda where every child is educated and
free to pursue their dreams.

We dream of a Rwanda where every child knows Christ
and experiences the freedom and hope of His love.

We dream of a Rwanda where every child has a full
stomach, a healthy body, and a thriving community.

We dream of a real world in which poverty can be beaten
and children released from its vicious cycle.

We dream of a nation transformed as its children grow up
to welcome its brighter future.



Your gift to Africa New Life’s Impact Fund (general fund) makes the transformation of lives in Rwanda possible. A gift to the Impact Fund can be used wherever opportunities or needs arise, whether in Rwanda or here in the US; it allows Africa New Life to be the most responsive when we need to be. We believe the Impact Fund is the most strategic and timely investment you can make. We need to raise $225,000 for this Fund by July 1. Thank you for helping this ministry grow!


36664 keep it going!

Matching gift opportunity:
generous donors will match up to


funds donated by July 1!


Watch Alice’s story below to witness more of the transformation happening in Rwanda.


Africa New Life is accredited by the ECFA, and is committed to financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and the proper use of charity resources.

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